What We Do

We produce original interdisciplinary research to provide evidence-based consulting services in support of decision-makers who have a stake in policy outcomes.

Our Services

Policy Analysis

To effectively regulate markets, governments must first understand the scope and characteristics of those markets. BOTEC helps partners predict supply and demand for commodities under current and proposed regulations, creates models for understanding the effects of regulatory action on market behavior and revenue, and identifies problems of use and abuse.

Market Design

As governments around the world change their attitudes toward potentially problematic commodities, they seek to shape markets for these commodities to capture economic benefits while minimizing risk to public health and safety. BOTEC helps partners identify their priorities and develop policies to advance them.

Regulatory Consulting

Many governments have initiated unprecedented regulatory changes without the benefit of prior experience or the opportunity to experiment. Working across state and national boundaries to assist a range of government agencies at all levels of jurisdiction, BOTEC synthesizes lessons learned by regulators around the world to help partners understand the features and flaws of their current policies.

Program Evaluation

When government agencies identify problems, they often create programs to try to solve them, but they also often lack the capacity to empirically evaluate whether or not the solutions worked. Policy solutions can originate at all levels of government, from line practitioners to agency executives. From fieldwork to desktop research, BOTEC works with partners to identify promising solutions and frame empirical experiments to test them.

Technical Training and Assistance

BOTEC provides in-person, online, and an array of mixed methods training to stakeholders in support ofeffective program implementation. With experience introducing and teaching new skills to different stakeholders in a variety of settings. From introducing concepts to up/re-skilling stakeholders, BOTEC provides assistance throughout the duration of the program's full lifecycle.

Data Management

Governments collect and possess a tremendous amount of data but often fail to get the most out of what they have. Inadequate collection, storage, and sharing of data contribute to this problem. BOTEC helps partners understand what their data sources are and what can be learned from them, creating custom databases and data visualization tools to make the benefits of data analysis accessible to practitioners at every level of responsibility.

Our Process

Our Process


BOTEC reports and presents research to program & policy managers empowering them to decide the future of a specific policy or program.


BOTEC employs technical and practical subject matter experts to conceptualize a problem from a holistic and interdisciplinary perspective.


We gather qualitative and quantitative research inputs that can be used to better understand a problem.  


We provide technical training & assistance to regulators, administrators, civil servants, activists and key stakeholders working to implement a given policy innovation or program.


BOTEC uses policy analysis techniques to identify the range of alternatives available to stakeholders as well as the optimal solution given a specific set of goals.

Questions We Ask

There is a problem, but what is it?

Stating that there is a problem is often uncontroversial. But defining the problem - let alone the causal factors - is where it gets difficult. Using a systems thinking approach, supported by both qualitative and quantitative methods, BOTEC works with our clients to help clearly define policy problems in scope and context so clients can more efficiently solve them.

How can effective policy empower individuals, communities, and societies?

Policies that restrict or compel certain behaviors among citizens should only be used when individual choices, social norms, and markets fail to protect public health and safety. BOTEC helps decision makers understand when they should exercise restraint and when they should act.

What policy options exist?

Complex problems suggest many solutions. BOTEC uses a multidisciplinary approach combining a team of economists, sociologists, data scientists, public health experts, attorneys, and practitioners to frame all available policy options. 

How do we judge the outcomes of alternative policies?

Placing values on what we want policies to achieve is difficult, especially when each option can create unintended consequences downstream. BOTEC helps policymakers understand the dimensions that describe positive and negative outcomes from alternative policies, the basis on which to weigh alternatives against one another, and the probability distribution of the outcomes of each option across those dimensions.

Which option maximizes intended benefits and mitigates unintended consequences?

The best solution to a policy problem is not always apparent, even when data and analysis are available. The option that has the highest probability of solving the problem is a good place to start, and BOTEC helps clients understand what the data suggest and how to transfer success on paper to success in practice.

How can effective stakeholder engagement optimize policy and program generation?

Even at the highest levels of government, policy decisions often come down to a handful of individuals. BOTEC uses intensive stakeholder engagement to make sure the important voices are at the table from the beginning, ensuring buy-in and ultimately yielding more well-informed policies.

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