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Response to Duriez, Et Al. Theory and Evidence on the Swift Certain-Fair Approach to Enforcing Conditions of Community Supervision (Fall 2014)


Swift-certain-fair (SCF) sanctioning improves on conventional practice in enforcing the conditions of community corrections both by substituting swiftness and certainty for severity and by increasing the predictability, and thus the perceived fairness, of the process from the offender’s viewpoint. SCF can also complement, or substitute for, the expensive and laborious process of formal risk-needs assessments in the process of allocating scarce supervisory and service capacity across offenders. SCF has both firm theoretical grounding and a growing body of empirical support as a means of reducing reoffending and the time participants spend behind bars.

Community Corrections
Stephanie A. Duriez, Francis T. Cullen, and Sarah M. Manchak

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