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Precursors of Crime in Jackson: Early Warning Indicators of Criminality


Contrary to state-wide and nation-wide trends, homicides in Hinds County have remained largely consistent for the past twenty years. TheMississippi Attorney General’s office requested a report on the characteristics, observable early in life, of those who later become serious offenders.This report presents findings of research conducted on more than a hundred thousand individuals: everyone who had ever gone to school in Hinds County between the years of 2003 to 2013. Educational histories of those people provided by the Mississippi Department of Education were cross referenced with arrest records contained in data maintained by theJackson Police Department and Hinds CountySheriff’s Office. Juvenile justice data was also provided by the Hinds County Juvenile JusticeData System (2006–2013). These data sets were merged and analyzed to reveal correlations between childhood events and future criminality.

Community Corrections
Mississippi Office of the Attorney General

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