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Case-Processing Times for Felony Prosecutions in the Hinds County Circuit Court


In 2014, the Mississippi legislature appropriated funds for a study of crime and criminal justice operations in the city of Jackson. After consulting with various stakeholders, the Office of the Attorney General issued a request for proposals to conduct a study in two parts: one concerning judicial resources and processing times for criminal cases in the Hinds CountyCircuit Court, and the other focused on the effects of school discipline and use of SchoolResource Officers in the Jackson public schools. This section of the report focuses on the criminal justice aspect of the project.While the scope of work was broad, the core question concerned case-processing time: that is, how long it takes to move a case from arrest to disposition. In particular, the stakeholders wanted to know what resources are required to move cases faster, and whether Hinds County has a sufficient supply of those resources.Why this focus? For one, there is a longstanding concern about delays in the Hinds CountyCircuit Court. In addition, there was a perception that long case-processing times emboldened criminals by creating a sense of impunity.

Community Corrections
Mississippi Office of the Attorney General

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